Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to...

I wish we could hold on to all our memories and remember them as clearly and vividly as if they happened yesterday. But time plays tricks, and our memory gets blurry. That's why I got into photography. I needed a way to save all the beautiful days, trips and moments that I spend with the people I love.

I want to share this precious gift with you. Help you preserve your legacy. So, you can share these beautiful memories and stories with your kids and grandkids. Tell them how it all started and what was life like 50 years ago. Trust me, these photos will be your most cherished and dear possessions. 

My name is Haleigh Louise Few

I've been in love with photography since grade school.

I was always in front of or behind the camera when I was younger. My mom bought me a point and shoot camera when I was in the 7th grade, and I took that thing everywhere always taking photos.


Highschool hit and I got the chance to take photos for the yearbook!

I enjoyed getting to do that so much, but it didn't last long though because I wasn't your A+ student... haha 

Back then though photography to me wasn't my career choice. I took photos because it felt good. Freezing time and creating art through the lens was just a fun pass time for me. A way to escape my home life and a way to forget about school. I was always outside taking photos of anything and everything.


Then one day I dropped out of high school at 15... I went into the homeschooling program.

From there time flew by because I was going out more since I had no school. Running the roads when with other kids lmao and just being a wild child.

At the same time selfies became increasingly popular and I ended up dropping my point and shoot for the more convenient iPhone to capture memories.

I was still always taking photos and editing them, just now it was on my iPhone. 

Around 18 my friends started asking me to take photos of them on my phone and edit them.


Because we would have so much fun. I did this anytime a friend would ask me too.

Then came the day I became a MOM!

I knew right then, when I looked at my beautiful baby boy that I need to get a proper camera to capture his ever-growing life.

As I was learning to use this entry level camera for photographers and lightroom/photoshop, I would post the photos of my son online.

I then had friends and family asking me to take photos for them.


So, a few months after my sons was born in 2017, I launched my career into Photography! & I have never looked back! 

- The other half of the team -